How to add your new pop3 email address to Outlook and have it download into your existing email box.

This set of directions is to set up a new account on a computer that already has Outlook set up to check another email address AND you want to continue checking that other email address and also check your new email address and download it into the same inbox as your other email. These directions also assume that your network properties are correctly configured.

Note: These Directions are for Microsoft Outlook ,~ NOT Outlook Express .
If you want the Outlook Express Directions, click the Outlook Express icon, above.

To Set up Outlook to check an additional email address and download it into an existing email inbox.
1. Start Microsoft Outlook by right-clicking on the Microsoft Outlook icon on your desktop

2. Select Properties from the menu.

3. Click the Add tab.

4. In the Use the following information services area, select the Internet Email checkbox. Then click Next

5. Click Set up Mail Account. The Mail Account Properties window opens.

6. In the Mail Account field, enter the name by which you would like to refer to your mail server, for example, Mail.

In the User Information area, fill in the following information.
Name. Enter your first and last name
Organization. Enter the name of your organization or company name
E-mail Address. Enter your email address, for example, This is the
address other people use to send email messages to you

8. Click the Servers tab.

9. In the Server Information area, enter the following information.
Incoming mail (POP3). Enter
Outgoing mail (SMTP). Enter whatever your isp uses **see note below

10. In the Incoming Mail Server area, enter the following information.
Account Name. Enter your ENTIRE email address, including the portion.
Password. Enter your mailbox password.

11. **Do this step only if you can not use your ISP's Outgoing mail server information.
Otherwise skip to step 12
In the Outgoing Mail Server area, select the My server requires authentication checkbox
then click "Settings"
In the Logon Information area, if not already selected,
select the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option.

12. Click OK, then
Click OK again to return to the Microsoft Outlook Setup Wizard. Then
Click Next. Then
Click Next again. Then
Click Finish.

Your account is now ready to use.

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