Artful Illusions Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Artful Illusions is commited to the free, uncensored exchange of ideas and information over the internet. As such, under normal circumstances, we do not actively monitor customer website content or activity (unless we receive a complaint or other indication of violation of our AUP).

However, to maintain our reputation as a responsible web host, the following AUP has been established. Any action that can be considered a violation of this AUP may result in a warning or immediate termination of services.

Artful Illusions will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies and/or injured third parties in the investigation of allegedly illegal or harmful acts.

Websites hosted on Artful Illusions servers must not contain, nor engage in, any of the following.:

  • Pornographic material (photographs, audio/visual media, drawings or illustrations, 'adults-only' content).
  • "Warez" (illegally distributed software).
  • IRC servers.
  • Spamming (sending bulk unsolicited commercial emails).
  • "Phishing" (attempting to gain personal information from parties without their consent or knowledge or under false pretences).
  • Content that could be considered illegal, pornographic, harmful to children, indecent, or that may subject Artful Illusions to liability.
  • Violations of copyright infringement.
  • Fraudulent activity (including, but not limited to financial scams such as "chain letters", impersonation of any person or entity, pyramid schemes, etc.).
  • Forgery or impersonation of any person or entity.

The use of Artful Illusions hosting services constitutes acceptance of this AUP.

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This page updated on 1/27/2011